Providing Comprehensive Emergency Management, Homeland Security/Anti-Terrorism, and Emergency Medical Services Training Support through the

Center for Asymmetric Emergency Management

and the

Center for Asymmetric Emergency Medicine.



The Ralston Research & Consulting, Inc. mission is:


“To provide executive-level decision makers with high-quality, timely, and objective full-spectrum risk assessments fully integrating technical, operational, programmatic, policy, and the business elements of national security issues along with the necessary training and operational support to meet those risks faced thus further ensuring security of the homeland." 

Dr. Ernest Ralston, President/CEO, 2007



Ralston Research & Consulting, Inc. is a Native American, Veteran-Owned and Operated, NIMS Tier II compliant company, offering critical support services to corporate and government clients in Full-Spectrum Risk Management and Protective-Decision Management in the following subject areas:

  1. Threat Identification and Validation

•  Vulnerability Determinations

•  Criticality Assessments

•  Risk Determination Support

•  Emergency Management Planning

•  Force-on-Force “Red Team” Operations

•  Emergency Preparedness Planning

•  Anti-Terrorism Planning and Support

•  WMD/CBRNE Planning and Support

•  On-Site Anti-Terrorism and ICS Training

•  Consequence Management Planning

  1. Complete NIMS-Compliance Training

  2. Emergency Medical Services

  3. Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Training

  4. EMS Continuing Education Support

•  Emergency Operations Center Augmentation Support

•  Medical Intelligence Support Services

•  Type I and Type II Incident Management Team Augmentation Support

•  Emergency Medical Services Disaster Operations and Training Support

•  Maritime Security Survey and Investigation Services

  1. Maritime Emergency Medical Services Operations

Being Department of Homeland Security E-Verify Compliant, all of our personnel have verified legal status to live and work in the United States.